Cancellation, Rescheduling and Lateness Policy

Stuff happens. Kids get sick. You get sick. A cold sore suddenly appears. The trains break down or your business call went way over. I get it. Stuff happens to me too.

So let's have a mutual agreement. If it is absolutely necessary, we will reschedule.  I have complete autonomy to choose who I book and welcome into my home and will refuse service if I feel taken advantage of or there is a pattern of cancellations.  Please respect my time and schedule and I will do the same for you. 

PUNCTUALITY - Please be on time. Don't come early and please don't come 15 minutes past your appointment time unless you and I have spoken and agreed to move the appointment to a later time.  I will let you know if there is an appointment scheduled after you, otherwise, yes, let's chat and not rush.

RESCHEDULING AND CANCELING - These are not the same thing. Regardless, please let me know you cannot come to your appointment asap by TEXTING me at 917-697-9424. I want a 24 hour notice if possible. But because I understand that people wake up sick and children are a wild card, I have a very lenient and relaxed policy about this, but that's because I am a working mom and stuff happens to me too.  So, it takes me roughly an hour to set up the space and I would prefer knowing immediately.

BEING SICK = RESCHEDULING - If you or I are getting sick, have been sick or are sick, we cannot meet.  This is a strict policy and trust me, you do not want an ill woman doing your facial, make up, or brows. And I do not want whatever you have.  The risk of infection and cross contamination is high and sometimes a facial can push a little cold into a full-blown head cold. So please be self-aware and text me ASAP when you feel yucky. And I will always do the same.  

REASONS TO RESCHEDULE: cold, flu, active cold sore on lips or nose, pink eye, poison ivy, sunburn, stomach virus.