The proper order of skincare

Skincare is a mystifying puzzle.

I have friends, family members and clients who cannot make sense of what exactly they're supposed to do so they don't do anything at all!  WRONG.  You must do something! There are things that everyone can do to make their skin happier:

Drink a ton of water

Sleep a lot

Avoid sun exposure or at least wear a broad spectrum SPF

Do not smoke cigarettes or meth

And adopt a skincare regimen.

What is a skincare regimen? At minimum a person, but in this case let's call her a she, washes her skin at night and in the day wears a moisturizer with an SPF. That's minimum.

At most it can be a whole slew of add-ons! Eye cream, serum, oil, night cream, fruit acids and more. It really is an exciting time for at-home anti aging treatments. And best of all- the stuff works. It really does. 

I came across this excellent explanation of in what order should it all go on. You will get maximum benefits if you simply put it on in the right order- who knew! And I apologize if it's hard to read. Click on the link below to go to the page.

Bottom line: SPF goes on last before make up!  So load up on everything, in the right order and you'll get the results you want.

From Allure Magazine:

Here is where they talk about OIL. I use 100% Argan Oil from Maliliko and it is amazing.