Facials, Skincare and why it matters

After receiving about three facials a week for the four months I was in Esthetician school, I learned a few of things.  First, pairing the right ingredients to your specific skin type and condition (there is a difference!) is KEY to getting optimum results from your skincare. If you are  "Meh" about your cleanser or moisturizer, chances are they are not a good fit for YOU and your skin TYPE and CONDITION. The second thing I learned is facials really, really help the way your skin on your face responds to products you put on it and ultimately looks. Yes, it's true, your face will look better with good skincare and a couple of facials, let's say for now, a year.  Lastly, delivery systems matter. What does that mean? Delivery systems are what carry the antioxidant or peptide or lighteners to the lower layers of the epidermis. You can load up a car with gorgeous, expensive things, but unless that car has gas and get it to where it needs to go, the cargo is useless.  You have to have products that can deliver the goods to where they need to go. Period.

So what does an Esthetician do exactly?  Aesthetics is a branch of anatomical science that deals with the overall health and well-being of the skin. Estheticians are specialists in the cleansing, beautification and preservation of the health of the skin- especially the face and the neck.  I have been trained to identify any issues with the skin and figure out a way to solve them.

I received my NY state license in March and I have been slowly inviting women into my home for facials at a very reasonable cost.  My job is to analyze your skin and recommend products that have ingredients to enhance and improve the appearance and quality of your skin.  As a make up artist, I have always used make up to camoflauge issues like aging, blemishes, discoloration  (hyper-pigmentation), under eye issues like bags, dryness, fine lines and dark circles. Make up is great. But proper skincare is even better. The two go hand in hand.                 I never imagined I would love being an esthetician as much as I do! My clients and I are growing up together and I want us to have access to non surgical ways to improve our skin and its appearance.  And it is possible!

I hope you will trust me with your skincare needs and book a facial with me this summer.  I am running a very special offer. An hour long facial for $60.00.  Please call or email to take advantage of this excellent value and see what it does for you!

Be Well