Teen Skin

I have vivid childhood memories of my mother's moisturizer. Oil of Olay. It was pink and came in a square glass bottle. I can faintly remember the smell of it—it's pretty visceral. 

Her skincare regimen, however limited, influenced me to pick one up too. My first experience with moisturizer was when I was a freshman in college. But that’s all I knew. I had horrible skin and no coping skills, so I thought I should go to a dermatologist. My chin and jaw were covered with break-outs, so he prescribed an oral antibiotic, Retin-A, and suggested I use Clinique's 3 step cleansing program. That system hasn’t changed to this day. It still consists of that yellow bar of soap, clarifying lotion, and the moisturizer, known as “Dramatically Different.”

As it turned out, this protocol was not a good fit for me at all. I was very disappointed. I went to a doctor and still did not get what I needed—better skin. The antibiotics wreaked havoc on my mind and gut. So I discontinued that. The Retin-A never should have been prescribed for me—especially without giving me any guidelines! Retin-A (the over the counter term is retinol) is a powerful Vitamin A cream that is under the category of a "peeling system" because it literally peels your upper epidermis off. And without sunscreen, it can cause a terrible burn, rash, or hyper-pigmentation. Retinol has its place and I do use it and recommend it to clients who are right for it, but it was absolutely the wrong thing for me at the time.

What I understand now is that if I had found an esthetician to work with, she would have analyzed my skin, exfoliated away all the dead skin, and recommended a skincare regimen for my skin type. It would have been a place to start and I would have been golden. But I never knew that estheticians are wonderful allies when you're young. In my world, no one got facials. My mother sure didn’t.

Today, years later, I see the difference it makes with my own teenaged children to have regular facials and have access to cosmeceuticals—which are stronger than over-the-counter, but gentler than prescription strength. A dermatologist should be the last stop on your skin care journey. Not the first.

Teen skin is susceptible to hormones and terrible lifestyle choices like a bad diet, lack of sleep, stress, poor hygiene, and lack of knowledge regarding spreading bacteria. They see a pimple as a challenge – how soon can they pop it? They have no idea that pimple is a localized infection. You pop that sucker and you have released millions of bacteria cells all over the rest of your skin, which then becomes a pimple factory.

Your kid might not listen to you, but she'll listen to me. I want your child to have confidence! I want your child to live life without embarrassment about bad skin. I have the tools and knowledge to teach tweens and teens how to care for their skin, how to create good hygiene habits, and how to use (quality) make-up to camouflage any problems in the meantime.

My mom might have given me the idea that skin is something to take care of, but, like most moms, she didn’t know enough about teen skin to help beyond that. You probably don’t either.

That’s where I come in. Together, we troubleshoot strategies that work for her and her lifestyle. There is not a one-size-fits-all regimen for anybody. When you bring your daughter to me, I assess their lifestyle with a thorough intake and discuss with them an action plan. They are included in the process and so are you! 

Check out my packages for teens:

The DemiGoddess Facial  $50.00: 30 minute facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis and gentle extractions (if needed), and a masque specific for their skin type and condition. Detailed instruction on how to use complimentary product samples. Total appointment time 45 minutes.  Excellent for someone who needs a little help with hygiene and a gentle nudge toward better skincare habits.     

DemiGoddess Skincare & Makeup 101 $99.00 : 30 minute facial+30 minute make up boot camp.   This package includes cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis and gentle extractions (if needed), and a masque specific for their skin type and condition. After, I show her very basic techniques for covering a pimple and applying light, age appropriate make up. I explain how to properly cleanse skin with her new skincare regimen. Complimentary samples included. Excellent for someone who breaks out regularly and feels a little insecure about what to do.