Makeup for any occasion

Feeling confident and polished before a big event is priceless. Women innately know what makes them feel this way. For me, I feel my best when my toes are polished, my hair isn't frizzy, my clothes fit properly, and my makeup is on point. When those things are aligned, I effortlessly have a relaxed time and don't panic when someone insists on taking a picture or a selfie. This, to me, is worth the effort. It's what I tell men and women all the time. As much as we like to pretend it doesn't matter what somebody's first impression is of us, it actually does. Looking and feeling your best coincides with confidence and self esteem. Having a "Glam Squad" (a team of professionals to help you dress and get made up) isn't realistic for any of us. How nice to have someone pull the perfect outfit, with the best shoes and jewelry. Then your hair and makeup team arrive and make you look gorgeous. No wonder celebrities look amazing.

I am part of that solution. This is the work I do for women. It has been my career: helping women achieve their goals and feel their best through grooming, skincare, and makeup. This past Spring and early Summer I found myself quite busy getting girls and women ready for moments in their lives they'd like to feel and look their best. And it was an honor!

All of these photos were taken with an iPhone 6s. Because they were not taken by a professional, I won't put them up in my gallery. However, it's a good documentation of my work, which still happens even when a professional photographer isn't around to shoot. My Services page details all my makeup services. Remember, when an important event is coming up, "better call the Gotham Goddess".



Prom makeup, brows & hair.



Prom makeup & brows



 Facebook LIVE appearance makeup



Prom makeup & brows



Bridal makeup & brows


Jessica & Juliet

Bat Mitzvah makeup & brows



Bridal makeup & brows