Bright Eyes! Skincare and makeup tutorial.

Time for me to share what I am obsessed with RIGHT NOW!

I love creating bright eyes on myself and on my clients. The first step to better looking eyes is a great eye cream (and I sell FIVE!). I’m really into eye creams and accentuating the eyes right now. There are reasons why I am all about my eyes!

First of all, at 50, I am really starting to see signs of aging around my eyes. I notice that when I take the time and apply all the steps (shown in the video), my skin, but especially my eyes, look brighter. Smoother. Less tired and puffy. The second reason I’m all about eyes is it can be very anti-aging to apply just the right kind of liner and mascara. Simply put, these five steps: eye cream, concealer, bronze liner, lash curling, mascara can radically improve the appearance of your eyes for home, office, or special occasion. It’s simple, fast, and the payoff is awesome.

Below the video are links to (most) of the products I used and a 20% discount code for you to use at Charlotte Tilbury. Just enter your email address, Order $100.00 worth of products and get 20% at checkout when you mention my name, Shannon Park


The makeup I used in the video was from my personal stash. I am very loyal to products that deliver results! I wear makeup almost daily and it gets put through the ringer. It has to withstand the weather, as well as hot flashes! I need to sweat, cry, nap in my makeup and it better not fail me. These are the products I wear as a default. They’re in my constant rotation.


What was that concealer again?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away and Mini Miracle Eye Wand!

To use the 20% code follow this link: Charlotte Tilbury 20% off. Both of the concealers I use in the video are on this page. I love her products. Everything I’ve tried from her is wonderful. If you’re wondering what else to try from her to reach that $100. threshold, I’d suggest her Wonder Glow Face Primer, any of her lipsticks, her pressed powder, and bronzer.

Sadly, the Stila eye shadow I use in this video is not made anymore, but like I said, any bronze eyeshadow will do. I also use this one: Pat McGrath Labs

Although I don’t demonstrate eyebrows in the video, there is no denying that filling in the brow is a great way to accentuate the eyes. My latest obsession is Mac Shape + Shade Brow Tint.

The Shiseido eyelash curler is a brand I very much recommend.

My fave! The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Set the concealer with this beautiful, fine, illuminating powder.

For beautiful eye lashes that will not smudge, try Diorshow waterproof. I use the Chestnut (Catwalk) Brown in this video, but you do you! The Catwalk Black is also a favorite of mine. Several layers looks amazing, not tarantula-like.

The gorgeous Wayne Goss brush I use in the video is amazing. Worth the money. It has many uses, too. SKINCARE

Ormedic Eye Gel $48.00

Ormedic Anti-Oxidant Serum $49.00

The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift $80.00

Vital C Water Burst $45.00

Prevention + Daily Moisturizer plus SPF, Tinted and Hydrating $40.00 ea.

Contact me to purchase any Image Skincare items or to consult about a custom regimen for you and your specific skincare needs.